Individual Resiliency Assessment (40 Item)

Why measure Individual Resiliency?

We believe there is a pressing need to help both individuals, and the organizations they serve, become more resilient to the changes they face everyday. Our work has driven our research into the science of individual and organizational resiliency and produced beta versions of assessments that we believe can help people Assess, Adapt and Achieveâ„ .

Our evaluation of the science leads us to conclude that both individual traits, and an individual’s perception of their workplace environment, will combine to produce their reactions to organizational change. The Individual Resiliency Assessment is offered here to help you understand your individual tendencies when facing change. It will take just a few minutes to complete (40 item assessment) and provide you instant results that we hope can give you insight to your strengths and areas for personal development.

In addition, your results will be used to help us advance our research and develop products and services that support change for individuals and organizations. Your individual results will never be shared with any third party. We may also send you future updates about our research and resulting products and services, but you may opt out of any further contact with anyone here as you complete the assessment.

Thank you for your interest and participation and we hope you enjoy the Individual Resiliency Assessment!